Astro-Guide Training

Astro-Guide Training

for lodges and independent guides in kenya

discover the magic of the Kenyan night sky through the lenses of astronomy, ecology, & culture.

This training is designed to combine basic astronomy skills and knowledge with a strong grounding in Kenya’s ecological and cultural heritage.

training components:


a hands-on approach to the fundamentals of equatorial astronomy

— Learn the basics of equatorial astronomy, orientation, and night sky movement.

— Practical sessions on using digital tools for planning stargazing events and using binoculars to observe objects in the night sky.

— Explore the different kinds of celestial objects visible in the night sky and the science behind them.


understanding the role of the night in sustaining wildlife and ecosystems.

— Understand the vital role of the night in sustaining wildlife and the delicate balance necessary for a thriving ecological system.

— Explore the significance of natural darkness and the impact of light pollution on wildlife and ecosystems in Kenya.


incorporating the cultural heritage of Kenya through the lens of the night sky

— Explore Kenyan ethnoastronomy and cultural astronomy through stories, beliefs, and practical applications of the night sky and cosmos from various Kenyan tribes.


No, the training is suitable for all levels, from beginners to those with some basic astronomy knowledge. Modules are tailored to accommodate a diverse range of participants.

The training is spread out over 4 days with daytime lectures and practical evening sessions.

Participants will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the training and assessment.

The setup is flexible and committed to delivering a tailored experience that meets your needs. I’m happy to work with you to align the training program with your specific requirements.

I recommend that each training session have no more than 10 participants to ensure enough dedicated attention to each participant.

contact information

For inquiries and booking, please contact:

Samyukta Manikumar

+254 792 289 987

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